What To Do To Retire


What To Do To Retire

When you’re ready to retire, follow this checklist.

Attend a Pre-Retirement Seminar

This seminar covers a wealth of information about ACERA membership, retirement allowance benefit formulas, purchasing service, retirement allowance options, retiree health, dental and vision coverage and much more. We recommend you attend this seminar within five years prior to retirement. Visit our Retirement Planning Seminars page to sign up.

Consider Purchasing Service Credit

You may have eligible time that you can purchase as service credit. Please review the section on Purchasing Service Credit on our Service Credit page.

Address Any Community Property Settlements

ACERA cannot pay your full retirement allowance if community property was earned and you are now divorced or you’ve dissolved your state-registered domestic partnership without a court order instructing how to pay an ex-spouse or ex-domestic partner, or an agreed upon waiver of interest. Please review our page on Divorce or Domestic Partnership Dissolution Before Retirement for more information on how your account will be impacted by a divorce and how to resolve any outstanding items.

Contact Any Agencies You Have Reciprocity With

Be sure to also contact the reciprocal agency as you will need to apply for those benefits separately, but for the same concurrent retirement date. For more information on reciprocal retirement, see our Reciprocity page.

Schedule a One-on-One Counseling Session

ACERA conducts Ready-to-Retire One-On-One Counseling Sessions for members who are retiring within the next 4 months, and it’s a good idea to call us 3-4 months ahead of time to schedule one. Click here for more information on scheduling.

Ensure ACERA Has Required Documents on File

Review the list of Documents We Need Before You Can Retire.

Apply to Retire

You may submit your retirement application within the 60-day window before the date you have chosen to retire. Review our page on Applying to Retire for more information.

Elect a Retirement Option

At retirement, you will complete an Election of Retirement Allowance on which you will choose one of the five retirement options.